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HVAC Air Filters

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HVAC Air Filters

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MINKANG manufacturers custom air filters for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) of specialized HVAC equipment.

MINKANG is a leading manufacturer of custom HVAC air filters for original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Our team of experienced professionals specializes in HVAC filter design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing, providing over 27 years of expertise to meet your air filter requirements. Custom HVAC air filters are designed to meet airflow ranges from 5 to 2500 CFM with filter efficiencies ranging from MERV 11 to HEPA and ULPA, ensuring that customers’ HVAC system runs efficiently and effectively, providing our clients with high-quality custom air filters for their HVAC systems.

MINKANG can provide you High quality HVAC FILTER. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department to learn more about our custom HVAC air filter solutions. We will support you and give you the best HVAC air filters.

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Our Main products are air filters, HEPA filters, filter dust bags, air purifier filters. vacuum cleaner filters and accessories, humidifier filters and other filtering products and etc.

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